Redefining traditional Japanese and contemporary French cuisine.


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Monday to Saturday 13h-16h. 19h30-22h30.
Mercado Antón Martín. Calle santa Isabel 5



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When chic meets Shokunin

L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen creates memorable cuisine by merging the discipline of traditional Japanese cooking with the flair of contemporary French cuisine. L’Artisan does not fuse, but understands that both culinary traditions work alongside harmoniously to offer an unforgettable dining experience.

At the helm of L’Artisan is head chef Stephane Shoji, a Paris-born, multicultural melange who embraces the best qualities of his dual Japanese and French heritage.

At the heart of each dish is perhaps the secret of L'Artisan's innovation – an ode to the Japanese concept of 'Shokunin', meaning artisan or craftsman, a way of life and thinking that upholds a deep commitment to the mastery of one's craft.

Two culinary worlds.
One unforgettable experience.

“The house duck confit would stand up to any served in the grandest Michelin-honoured establishments of Paris.”.
“Tremendamente original … El mestizaje, qué duda cabe, es el futuro. También en la cocina.”.
Federico Oldenburg, GASTROACTITUD


Just as every day is unique, so is the menu del día at L’Artisan.

Every day, a new culinary adventure.

From Mondays to Fridays, chef Stephane designs an entirely new menu based on the ingredients available at the market that day. This daily passion project is inspired by his travels and his own personal journey, learning from the kitchens of Tokyo to Paris, London to Athens, and now Madrid.

New Eat-Ventures Every Day

Ramen Mondays, 20h-23h

Start your week savouring our classic Japanese noodle soup, created artfully with pork and chicken broth, nori (seaweed), braised pork and vegetables.

Sushi Bar Tuesdays, 20h-23h

In the style of iconic Tokyo bars, enjoy authentic sushi prepared by renowned Japanese-French chef and L’Artisan partner Gohei Kishi.

L’Apero Thursdays, 19h-23h

Weekends come a little earlier to L’Artisan. After a tiring week, treat yourself to an open bar of exquisite tapas with every drink order. Come and meet new people every week!

Brunch, two Sundays a month, 12h-15h

Chefs and partners Javier Alonso, Stephane Shoji, and Gohei Kishi create different brunch menus depending on the freshest ingredients available in the market that day.

*Vegetarian options available

Team L’Artisan

Stephane Shoji

“L’Artisan marks the start of my new chapter as an entrepreneur. It is a place where I can investigate the gastronomy from my French and Japanese identities and express my way of combining these two worlds to make them complementary. In L’Artisan you can discover traditional Japanese cuisine outside the stereotype sushi bar alongside cosmopolitan Parisian cuisine. All these have been slow cooked and emerged from my experiences gained in projects such as Le Garage, Cafe Manga and Saigon Club (Bodrum Kempinski, Yalta Ukraine). I have also been project manager for the opening of OZU Japanese cuisine (UK), Kariboo Restaurant & Lounge bar (Luxembourg Ville), “Haiku” Japanese Restaurant (Luxembourg Ville), Mandela Lounge bar & Tapas (Paris), and The Deanery, Bar & Australian Cuisine (Melbourne).”

Gisella Herrera

“L’Artisan is my second home, my house, and a dream come true! As one of the L’Artisan veterans, I elaborate the dishes day by day, taking care of the details that include the quality of the products, their elaboration and presentation. Although L’Artisan is a Japanese and French restaurant, we do not rule out including other types of cuisine in our menu. In our menu del día, we have an eclectic offer and we journey across the world of gastronomy with dishes from different countries.”

Javier Alonso

“My job is organizing the room, making people happy, setting the pace of the dishes and getting customers to leave with a smile on their faces, satisfied and eager to repeat. L’Artisan is a way of living gastronomy, a vital philosophy that we share with our customers. I believe that “to share is to live.” – we treat everyone who comes in as a guest in our house. L’Artisan is a family of different nationalities and we like to feed everyone who wants to enjoy a culinary experience of quality, and always full of heart.”


L’Artisan is also committed to supporting refugee integration by opening their kitchen doors to talented refugee cooks and kitchen assistants. The restaurant played an active role in the extremely successful Refugee Food Festival in June 2017, by hiring refugees and asylum seekers from Syria, Ukraine, Cameroon and Morocco to showcase their country’s cuisine. L’Artisan has also confirmed its commitment with the refugee cause by employing full time asylum seekers in its kitchen.

L’Artisan fully supports the #ConLosRefugiados / #WithRefugees coalition, and is committed to integrating refugees within the Madrid community as well as giving them a space to exhibit their unique culinary heritage.

¿Are you also #WithRefugees? Sign the peititon of UNHCR in #WithRefugees